The real story

Meet Marvin, a local farmboy in the Highlands, a far-off village where time is just an illusion. But like every kid, Marvin has to go to school, which is far away in the middle of the city. This makes the daily ride to school a difficult task. And since bikes or cars are not agile enough to weather the outstanding landscapes Marvin has to travel through, he travels by... goat.

Okay, we hear you thinking: what a weird nonsense-story. But it's actually based on a real-life story:

Marvin is a former classmate and friend of ours (the Swecque Studios founders). And yes, he did live on a farm just outside of the city, and he had goats.  Because he was always late in class, we often made jokes about how he lived in primitive circumstances and that he needed to travel across different timezones which made him screw up his awareness of time and causes him to be always late at school.

Inspired by this, combined with the power of boredom... it quickly escalated.


Some fun facts about Marvin, which probably help make the game make more (or even less) sense:

  • As you can see in the picture below, Marvin is a big fan of Mountain Dew
  • Marvin doesn't have a goat anymore (reason unknown), but he does have other animals on his farm: horses and chickens
  • Although Marvin was always late at school, he managed to get away with it every !@& time!
  • Also, more often then not, he did 'forget' his homework and his books
  • He is also known as the guy who probably has your pen if you're missing it since he asks at least once a day if he could borrow one from anyone.
  • Wondering why Marvin's hair is so wild and sexy? It's because of the strong winds in the Highlands!

About the game

So, what is the game about? You play as Marvin riding his goat while surviving the endless road with tons of obstacles you need to jump over. As your score increases, you can unlock new worlds to travel through. On your way you will also find a lot of horseshoes. This is the currency in the game and you can trade them for special items. Items such as drinks (which give you a special power) and skins for Marvin and his goat. Try earning medals on different objectives and receive extra horseshoes to spend in the shop! The idea is to get Marvin to school, what happens if he gets there is for you to find out!

A good game comes along with its own soundtrack, so does Marvin! Our music is created from scratch by Patrick P. originals. Hours and hours of banjo playing passed, looking for the best music that suits the game. As a result, every world Marvin's cruising through has its own, unique song. But don't worry if you can't get it to unlock those worlds, below you can hear them for free! Just don't forget to give a like, oh and check out more of Patrick P.'s at YouTube and Soundcloud.