It was the summer of 2014. Two homeboys, Thimo and Patrick, were so bored that they decided to realize the idea they had for some time: Creating a mobile game - yeah that's what this is all about. Tons of ideas for the game were exchanged, and eventually they chose to set their game around a classmate of them, nicknamed Marvin. Living far away from civilization and being always late for school, he was the perfect protagonist for the game.


Meet the dreamteam

As mentioned, Swecque Studios is a two-man business, formed by two passionated Swaggalisious boys that were just fooling around with their wild, hilarious ideas which kinda escalated in something 'serious'. They united their powers and capabilities to work for over a year on the project what eventually led (partly due to their strong perseverance and inner willpower!) to the Swecque Studios' magnum opus of what is now globally known as Marvin: Late for School.

Script  and concept



Android development



Level designer

User Interface designer

Animation director



Art director

Graphic resources

Graphic editor

Music composer


Sound effects



Thimo Willems & Patrick Prins





Thimo Willems






Patrick Prins



Patrick Hilhorst


Future plans

So, a masterpiece was born, and with more than


Marvin: Late For School can rightfully be called a stunning success in the history of mankind!

If we will make more games in the future? We have absolutely no idea! It all depends on the success of Marvin: late for School, but since our expectations are not too high, provisionally we won't make any new games. Instead, we do want to improve our current game and maybe expand on other platforms.